Using Adaptogenic Herbs To Treat Stress

rhodiolaRhodiola Rosea is a plant from the Crassualaceae family and grows commonly in cold regions around the world. This plant has a long tradition in Scandinavian medicine and is known to be a powerful herb to fight stress.

In modern times, it’s easy to forget to take appropriate care of our health. So often, we are driven by the responsibilities of daily life and often disregard our own health. This results in an imbalance in our body resulting in stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea extract is full of compounds that help fight stress as well as many other benefits. This plant significantly reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue and improves attention and it is also known to increase athletic capacities as well as stamina. In summary, it provides energy and helps mental performance during the day.

Another benefit of Golden Root is its mood lifting effect. This is related to the amount of Salidrosides in the herb. Nature is an incredible source of non-aggressive anti-depressives, such as the release of endorphins in the chocolate, or the capcine in the peppers and many people prefer natural strategies rather than turning to synthetic products that can have side effects.

Rhodiola Rosea is known by alternative therapists to treat diverse medical conditions. It is high in anti-oxidants, helping the immune system against common cold and influenza. A healthy body is less prone to suffer stress and anxiety.

The most important to keep in mind when considering these herbs is that there are no synthetic chemicals properties that might be damaging to your body – it is a natural source of beneficial chemicals for your body and there are no side effects that can alter your body functions.

As with any remedy remember that you have to avoid any strong doses,

Having adaptogenic herbs in your medicine cabinet can be a change in your life and health. Rhodiola Rosea is a natural and excellent alternative for enduring stressful modern living. It is also worth noting that few side effects have been reported.

The Top 5 Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

This plant has been associated with multiple medicinal properties. Also known as golden root or rose root, it comes from from the Crassualaceae family grows commonly in cold regions around the world. It is more prone to grow in areas up to 2280 meters of elevation, for this reason is usually found in mountainous regions. This plant has a long tradition in Russian medicine as a remedy to endure the cold winters.

The properties of this botanical herb are highly thought of in alternative medicine. It is known that the herb helps with a broad variety of medical conditions. Among the almost 140 compounds, it contains is Rosavin. This is the compound thought to be responsible for the mood lifting properties of this potent plant.

It is often used as a remedy for chronic fatigue, helping mental performance, especially in the ability to concentrate. Thanks to all the chemical compounds in the Rhodiola Rosea, it has been researched, and its elements extracted for medical study.  Some people even suggest that the consumption of this plant helps against more dangerous ailments.

Here are five main benefits:

  •     It is natural: There are no synthetic chemicals properties that might be aggressive to your body.
  •     Fights Fatigue: It is proved that R. Rosea significantly reduces symptoms of fatigue and improves attention.
  •     Helps the immune system. It is high in anti-oxidants and helps against common cold and influenza.
  •     Provides Oxygen to the blood. It is known to increase athletic capacities as well as breath endurance.
  •     It is a natural mood lifter and helps with anxiety, stress and depression.

In a few words, adaptogenic herbs are a natural alternative for enduring these unnecessary stressing modern times. Include R. Rosea in your daily life and benefit from its potent compounds now. Because natural remedies are different to conventional medicines there is no set dosage for these herbs and their efficacy can vary from person to person.

The good news is that there are few reported side effects and plenty of benefits, so its best to experiment and see what is the best dosage for you.

Reviews from people who have used it

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-viral properties, it can be used in many ways. Just about all Rhodiola Rosea extract reviews show that customers have had great results using the herb reporting that it helps alleviate stress and boost memory. Furthermore, some report it’s also very helpful in easing fatigue and exhaustion.  Evidently, the product provides the body with quite a number of advantages; so if you have been indecisive about whether or not to use it, here is a peek into what others say about the product.

What do people who use it say about the benefits

“I adore my work, but it is a hectic one. Dealing with flights, languages, time zones, even celebrities can be exhausting. In one of my travels a to London a friend of mine gave me a bottle of these capsules, Rhodiola Rosea. I don’t usually take this type of supplements, but I was in awe soon after I start taking them. My energy was up, stress was down. Now I recommend it to all my friends.”

“I had severe anxiety about a year ago, and it is then that I started using Rhodiola Rosea after I came across numerous reviews (mostly positive) about the product. I had expected to go for weeks before I could achieve any results, but I was quite pleased that it worked within hours. The best part of it is that it doesn’t cause any drowsiness. I would certainly recommend it for anyone suffering from anxiety”

A Final Word About ThIs Botanical Herb

This herb has been used in Russia and Scandinavia for centuries, and it is from the studies in these regions that the product has been established to provide great relief. Basically, when there’s excessive or little production of certain hormones (serotin, dopamine and neropinephrine) in the body you become unbalanced, this botanical herb product helps restore your natural balance, and this consequently improves moods.

If you search on line you will find that there is a lot of excitement in the natural health community about the various benefits of this herb. With stress levels on the rise in the US it seems likely that herbal remedies such as Rhodiola will continue to become even more well known. More research is underway at American Universities and the results of these studies will make very interesting reading to those people who favor natural remedies to treat everyday health concerns.